I hope you had a very happy holiday season and had a chance to rest and recharge. The arrival of January means that another exciting Wave season is here and I am looking forward to working with you to make this another one for the record books!

So, what is “Wave Season”?

This period runs from Jan to Mar and is when the major cruise lines run their BEST deals on high season cruises. High season cruises typically fall right during the time the kids are off school (think Winter break, Thanksgiving, Spring Break, mid-summer).

The purpose of wave season is “fill up” the upcoming year with cabin bookings, particularly coming off the holidays. To do this, travelers are incentivized with low prices and extra perks.

The timing is appropriate, since many families will have just been hanging out together for the holidays and possibly discussing taking vacations together.

BUT…with so many offers on the table, travelers can easily get overwhelmed by the choices, and impulsively make not-so-great decisions.

My advice: Start by having an idea of what you’re looking for – whether that is a destination, a particular price point, or a time of year. If a deal has already caught your eye, be sure to read the fine print! Deals can come with various exclusions and conditions, and a price that looks attractive at first can sky-rocket by the time you finally make the booking.