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Taking the First Step

The key to curating your family’s epic vacation begins with a complimentary 30 minute Vacation Planning Session!

In this call, we get to learn a little bit about each other, AND most importantly, I get to hear all about your vacation vision. From that point, I begin working on your custom vacation package (which usually includes some goodies), then send you some options within 24 hours!

Ready to Get your Vacation Vision in Motion?

DIY Vacation Planning

DIY Vacation Planning

Free Templates to Help You Get Going!

Planning a vacation can feel overwhelming. I’ve created a portfolio of worksheets, with instructions, to help you with the process. I’ve also thrown in 7 unique and printable packing checklists!

Whether you’re embarking on a tropical getaway, a family road trip, or an international epic journey, the DIY Vacation Planning  collection has you covered.

As always, reach out if you need more support! 🙂

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All-Inclusive Vacations: What You Need to Know!

All-Inclusive Vacations: What You Need to Know!

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Adventure Travel

Adventure Travel

Now trending in family travel: adventures without devices! Adventure travel and tech-free escapes are big on people’s minds this year. I’ve booked a few really fun ones this season including diving in Cozumel, white water rafting in New Zealand, a “Big 5” safari tour...

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Vacationing as a Group

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Join One of our Featured Vacations!

7-day Alaska Cruise

Seen on TikTok!

Sep 6 – 14, 2024

Balcony Cabin package ($5,300) 
Pricing is per couple

Comes with pre-cruise hotel, unlimited drinks & $100 onboard credit!

Oahu Family Vacation

Seen on TikTok & Instagram!

Take your family on the perfect Hawaiian vacation. Choose between gorgeous Waikiki Beach resorts and the Disney Aulani Resort!


$149 deposit required to book.

Cabo San Lucas - All Inclusive

Seen on TikTok & Instagram!


Enjoy the convenience and laid-back experience of this affordable, picture-perfect, all-inclusive family resort. BONUS: located on a swimmable beach!


$149 deposit required to book


How far in advance should I start planning our family vacation?

I generally recommend at least 3 to 6 months in advance, especially if you’re traveling during peak seasons or to popular destinations. This allows ample time to research, book accommodations, flights, and activities, and to secure any necessary travel documents like passport.

What is the best day of the week to purchase flights?

It isn’t Tuesday! Currently, the best day and time to purchase flights, for best pricing, is either late Sunday night, or very early Monday morning.

How can I make long flights more comfortable for my family?

Preparation is key for long journeys! Bring along plenty of snacks, travel-size board games, books, and electronic devices to keep everyone entertained. Be sure to download movies or shows in advance to watch offline. I also recommend bringing a couple of familiar comfort items from home, for kids. These could be stuffy toys, a blanket, etc.


Try to stick to your home routine as much as possible. If you are flying at night, pack pajamas in your carry on + a toothbrush and toothpaste. Change into your PJs and brush teeth before sleeping for the night on the plane.

Why should I book my trip through a travel agent instead of booking online myself?

Booking through a travel agent offers you personalized service and expertise. Agents can provide tailored recommendations based on your preferences, budget, and interests, ensuring you get the most out of your trip. Plus, they can handle all the details, from flights and accommodations to activities and transportation, saving you time and hassle. Agents typically have first-hand knowledge and experience with a destination and can provide insights that you can’t find on Google!

What documents do I need to travel with my family?

The required travel documents for your family will depend on your destination and mode of transportation. If you are traveling out of the United States, you will need a passport for all family members, and in some cases, you may also need a visa to enter the destination country. 

If you are going on a cruise, it is always best to bring a passport, even on closed-loop cruises (that start and end in the US), in case of emergency.

If you’re traveling internationally with children who aren’t accompanied by both parents, you may need additional documentation such as a consent letter from the absent parent, or certified copies of custody paperwork, in cases of single parenthood.

What Our Clients Say


Sonia took care of every detail for our recent trip to Ireland. What was most impressive was her turnaround time and the communication she used throughout the process. I hadn’t used a REAL travel agent for YEARS, thinking the *.com companies would work best. Never again will I use those on-line nightmares!!!! My choice will be “Dream Vacations” in the future. You too will hit vacation paydirt if Sonia is involved❣️

– Jesse Seeley


I struggled with securing travel plans for a family of 5 on my own and decided to call a travel agent. I’m so glad I connected with Sonia! She guided me with destination options, was very familiar with properties, monitored airfare and provided multiple options under my budget with all the bells & whistles we asked for. Sonia was highly responsive, professional & fast. I know she’ll be available from now until our trip, as she assured me that her services extend beyond trip purchase. I appreciate her friendliness & accessibility and I will definitely work with her in the future. Definitely connect with Sonia at Dreaming of Sun Dream Vacations for hassle-free consultation & planning!

-Kim Borillo

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