I’ve noticed a shift in the purpose of travel over the last 9 months. It is much more about connection and less about checking things off a bucket list.  This year’s biggest trend so far: Group Travel

What is group travel?

The term “group travel” used to be about family reunions or school groups. But it has expanded quite a bit. I’m now seeing groups made up of five or six couples, four or five unrelated families, and even small groups of friends with a common interest.

Why do they travel together?

People are craving authentic connections and memory-making experiences with other humans! It has been interesting to see what types of affinity groups approach our travel agency – I’ve booked groups interested in food, college dorm reunion and a book club!

Are there benefits to group travel?

Absolutely! The biggest benefit is the volume discount. For example, group cruises are often priced lower than regular rates and they offer more amenities such as onboard credit, bottles of wine, fruit plates and cocktail parties. For groups staying at a resort, similar benefits are offered – volume discounts in pricing, lower deposit, private parties or celebrations, ability to reserve an entire restaurant or bar.

One of the main advantages of traveling with a group is that you can share the costs and responsibilities of planning, booking, and organizing your trip. You can also enjoy the company and support of other travelers, who may have similar interests, backgrounds, or experiences as you!