It seems like Artificial Intelligence is everywhere now! It has started trickling into the travel industry. An AI system pools knowledge from all corners of the web and delivers it in a conversational way. Recently I’ve seen articles about people claiming to use AI to plan their vacations!

The positive: In terms of travel, AI has simplified a portion of the research process. Users can discover new experiences in their chosen destination or find hotels within a certain budget range, in a given destination. It takes less time to use an AI system for this, compared to doing a “Google” search.  

Where it Falls Short: Even though the systems pool public knowledge, the info is still objective. AI won’t be able to tell you if a hotel, restaurant, or museum has closed, changed its name, or is undergoing construction. You’ll also still need to go directly to booking sites to verify prices and availability. Further, an AI system is still a computer and doesn’t have subjective knowledge, so it wouldn’t be able to tell you what the “best” resort is, or anything that requires first-hand experience.

Recommendation: If you are keen on using AI, I recommend using it as a rough outline or starting point, then running your research by me. I will help you weed out the inaccurate part of the info, and narrow the options with your personal wants/needs for your trip!