What exactly is an “all-inclusive vacation”?

At an all-inclusive resort, you pay one flat price for your room, all meals and drinks and onsite entertainment! Entertainment options are vast and include activities like water sports, exercise classes, tennis, cooking classes, yoga, wine tastings, and kid/teen clubs.

Cost varies among resorts and there are options to fit all budgets. A typical range is $3,000 – 9,000 depending on how luxurious the property is, the location, and the type of resort (exclusive adult-only vs budget-friendly brand vs family resort).

Where are these all-inclusive resorts?

These types of vacation experiences are scattered all throughout the world and make up the bulk of the resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean. Here is where you can find all-inclusive resorts:

  • Mexico
  • Caribbean
  • Costa Rica
  • Europe
  • Parts of Asia

Which Hawaiian Island has all-inclusive resorts?

The answer may surprise you. There are, actually, NO all-inclusive properties in Hawaii. Some resorts offer a free breakfast, but that’s as close as it gets.

Are There Any All-inclusive Resorts in the United States?

The high cost of labor, property, construction, and everything else makes it too costly to sustain a stereotypical all-inclusive property. There are different types of resorts in the US that provide a similar structure, though (3 meals a day, onsite activities). Those are typically more “exclusive” higher end vacations, like dude ranches or wellness retreats.

When is This Type of Vacation a Good Fit?

Families budgeting for more than two people may particularly enjoy the ease of all-inclusive resorts, especially when traveling with children. In addition, if you’re looking to simply relax at a resort, and aren’t looking to do much in terms of exploring the city, countryside, or dining outside of the hotel –  an all-inclusive getaway will definitely save you some money and time!

Things to Consider When Choosing an All-Inclusive resort

  1. Research resort specialties – are you looking for an adult-only getaway, a beachfront family resort, a wellness retreat?
  2. Identify your budget and duration – this will help narrow the search quite a bit
  3. Evaluate the inclusions and exclusions at each resort and don’t assume EVERYTHING will be included for the least expensive price point.
  4. Check for renovations during your travel dates. Consult both the official website and the resort’s front desk to ensure your vacation won’t be disrupted
  5. Engage your travel agent! There are so many options out there, and each look similar, with enticing photos and descriptions. I have extensive experience in all-inclusive vacations, all over the world, and am happy to field your questions and help you plan for the best experience with your family

Whether you’re looking for a memorable family vacation, an adventure with friends, or a romantic getaway, I’ve got an all-inclusive getaway with your name on it!