Now trending in family travel: adventures without devices!

Adventure travel and tech-free escapes are big on people’s minds this year. I’ve booked a few really fun ones this season including diving in Cozumel, white water rafting in New Zealand, a “Big 5” safari tour in Africa, and a road trip through the Canadian Rockies.

Here are some things to consider when you’re planning an adventure trip for your family: 

When do we want to go, and what season is it at the destination at this time? Not all places in the world experience the same weather as your hometown. For example, even though it is summer in the USA in July, it is actually winter in Australia at that time, and very cold!

How long do we have for the entire vacation? 

Thinking about this will help narrow the options especially if some places are a much shorter flight from home..

Do all members of the family have the skills needed for this adventure? 

Skills can be hard skills or soft skills – like stamina, ability to walk long ways or withstand high altitude, extreme weather, etc.

Gear check

What gear is required for this adventure and how much do we need to buy and bring with us?

Monetary investment after all the considerations

Budget shouldn’t drive your adventure planning, but it should be considered especially if you have to purchase a lot of equipment for the trip.

Do you have a planning partner?

Adventure planning is different from a standard beach vacation and requires a combination of knowledge, research, and firsthand experience.  Don’t be afraid to interview your travel agent to see if their experience is a good fit for your trip.